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Books: Decompression Manuals

Front Cover of Deeper into Diving 2nd Edition

  Deeper into Diving 2nd Edition
J Lippmann

Our Price: £49.99

Pages : 512 pages
Format : Softback
Publication Date : Jun 2009
Availability : Normally despatched within 24 hours.

Buy Deeper into Diving 2nd Edition

This title is currently re-printing with no supply date. We recommend looking at other decompression titles featured below.

Deeper Into Diving is for the diving enthusiast, the experienced diver, the technical diver, the dive instructor, as well as other diving and dive medical
professionals. It contains information on a variety of decompression procedures and technical information that is not easily obtainable. This book also provides very valuable insights into diving physiology and various physical and medical aspects of deeper diving. This new edition also includes over 70 pages on technical diving.

Rear Cover of Deeper into Diving 2nd Edition
enlarge cover

From the Foreword:

“John Lippmann and Dr. Simon Mitchell, both experts in diving, have revised and updated Lippmann’s excellent earlier edition, and made it even better. Deeper into Diving provides comprehensive discussions of both technical/procedural and physiological/medical issues of diving ... The book is comprehensive enough to appeal not only to advanced recreational divers and instructors, but also to those who want to learn about decompression tables and technical diving. Specific chapters on nitrox diving, technical diving, decompression table development, dive computers, flying after diving and rebreathers are particularly topical ... Its state-of-the-art overview of specific diving-related medical issues is perfectly matched with divers’ and medical providers’ common concerns regarding decompression illness, women’s health, pregnancy, bone necrosis, hypothermia and the interaction of drugs with the diving environment. ... For anyone looking for a delightfully written overview of diving, this book is a must.”
Dr. Richard E. Moon,
Professor of Anesthesiology
Associate Professor of Medicine
Medical Director, Center for Hyperbaric Medicine & Environmental Physiology
Duke University Medical Centre
Senior Medical Consultant, Divers Alert Network.

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