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Books: Commercial Diving

Front Cover of DCIEM Tables

  DCIEM Tables

Our Price: £14.99

Format : Hardback
Publication Date : Jan 1990
Availability : Normally despatched within 24 hours

Buy DCIEM Tables

The Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine is Canada’s centre of expertise for defence research and development in human performance and protection, human-systems integration and operational medicine. The DCIEM Sport Diving Tables were a result of the original air diving tables adapted for use by recreational divers and have had a wide acceptance by the sport diving community.

These tables provide a more conservative approach to decompression procedures than those published by the United States Navy and the Royal Navy. Selected profiles were tested extensively using the Doppler ultrasonic bubble detector as an aid to assessing the severity of the decompression stress produced by these tables. The tables were tested in a hyperbaric chamber with wet-working divers in cold water at 10C as well as with dry-resting divers. No realistic decompression procedures can totally eliminate the occurrence of decompression sickness. However, these tables are believed to be safer than most existing tables.

“The importance of DCIEM Diving Tables cannot be over estimated. The wealth of technical research and field testing behind these tables ensures that these are some of the safest tables currently available. It must also be emaphasised that as UK divers we are almost always diving in cold water conditions and all DCIEM Tables are specifically designed with cold water use in mind.”

DCIEM Sport Diving Tables are produced on a waterproof slate measuring 196mm x 110mm.


Side One
Table A: Air Decompression Tables - from 6 to 45m depth. No Decompression and Decompression Limits.

Side Two
Table B: Surface Intervals Table - Minimum Surface Intervals from 15min to 18hours.
Table C: Repetitive Diving - No Decompression Limits for 9 to 45m
Table D: Depth Corrections - required for Altitudes above 300m to 3000m

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