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Books: Coffee Table

Front Cover of Realm of the Pygmy Seahorse

  Realm of the Pygmy Seahorse

Pages : 256 pages
Format : Hardback
Publication Date : Sep 2001
Availability : Unfortunately this title is out of print.

Out of Print

Award winning photographer, Constantinos Petrinos, chose the Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi, Indonesia to document this fascinating underwater
wonderland. In 1999, he spent 5 months in the region, did 320 dives and took 25,000 slides. The Realm of the Pygmy Seahorse features over 300 of these amazing photographs.

The underwater photographers will find a wealth of information on technique. For the naturalist, the rich text explains the spectacular behaviours seen in the photos. The author attempts to give the reader an insider's view on the daily lives of the animals of this complex ecosystem that features various habitats.

Seemingly barren volcanic sand slopes and rubble areas reveal elusive, rare creatures, such as the Wonderpus and the Mimic Octopus. Tiny Pygmy
Seahorses adorn Muricella sea fans. Spectacular nudibranchs are everywhere. The rare and unusual seems commonplace. An octopus hides insides a sea shell, two mandarin fish fight and a lizardfish captures a Flying Gurnard with a split-second move. Feast on the photographs and enjoy
the informative text.

To find out more about Constantinos Petrinos, this book and his work visit his website via the LINKS section at the bottom left of the page.

Petrinos is a master of the art of underwater photography, attested to by the colourful and striking images on every page of this book.
However, this book is more than a magnificent picture gallery. The Realm of the Pygmy Seahorse documents the diversity and daily lives of the inhabitants of the Lembeh Strait, in Sulawesi, Indonesia, an area that sits at the heart of biodiversity of coral reefs. As a result readers are introduced to an array of unusual and rarely seen species including animals such as pygmy seahorse and the mimic octopus. The extraordinary forms and functions of the species in the book will shock even the most ardent science fiction fan!
The text also relates the authors experiences in the field, his successes and failures and how lessons were sometimes learned the hard way. His honesty and charisma are unusual and make the book an engaging page turner.
My only criticism is that there is not enough! Although there are 280 images, these seem only to scratch the surface, such is the tremendous diversity of life in the realm. This book leaves you wanting more.
Petrinos has also put a great deal of effort into researching his subjects and it is clear that he has been in contact with marine biologists studying the species. The author's own curiosity comes through as he explains details of their lives in an enthusiastic and entertaining way, but without turgid text and unnecessary jargon. The strong interlinking between the text and the images marks this book out from other coffee-table books of the marine environment, setting a new standard in this genre.

Dr. Alexander Mustard
Southampton Oceanography Centre

“The first time I met Constantinos Petrinos I was called back to my office from a meeting by a senior editor saying I must see this photographer’s
work. She wasn’t wrong. The work was staggering was clear these images were special and as I looked more closely and spoke to Constantinos
I realised a rare talent had wandered into our offices.”

Graeme Gourlay
Publisher of Dive and Oceans Illustrated magazines.

"Congratulations, your first book is one of the best I've ever seen, so I'll be waiting for others !!! I don't know how you, Roger, Rudie and all the others manage to make these magnificent shots! The advantage of your book is that all pictures were made at the same locality, showing how diverse and
rich is the fauna of the Lembeh Strait. Well, again, thanks for this jewel, and hope to see you one day underwater in Sulawesi !"

Arthur Anker marine biologist at the Natural History Museum in Paris.

"While the title 'Realm of the Pygmy Seahorse' may sound a little like an American B movie, there is nothing sub-standard about the new book by Greek underwater photographer Constantinos Petrinos. From the stunning cover shot of the seahorse from which the book takes its name, to the 280 full colour images within, this book oozes quality."

Neil Hope - Scottish Diver Magazine Nov/Dec 2001

"Realm Of the Pygmy Seahorse"... is the finest collection of macro work as well as pros that I have encountered. It has taken an extraordinary talent to impart the unique environment of the Lembeth Straits.You have it.
I have many fine "Coffee Table" collections in my library. Many are graced with superb photography. None are accompanied by pros as instructive, perceptive and readable as yours. Add to that a dash of fine humor. I am most grateful to you for the remarkable quality of your work.

Stan Waterman
Stan Waterman Productions

"Realm of the Pygmy Seahorse" is an exciting and imaginative work which will start your heart racing with the high quality images of all those creatures found in that part of Sulawesi where the central creature - the Pygmy Seahorse, is endemic. The Macro photography is particularly stunning... the close-up of just the eyes of the "Smasher Mantis Shrimp" is macro photography at it's very best.
If this book had been a life-time's work of any author (thankfully that is not the case) then that life would have been well spent with the resultant record of those labours being both well documented and extremely well presented.
Even if you are never likely to visit Sulawesi, you really should consider obtaining a copy for your own enjoyment. You are guaranteed to learn a great deal...

Ned Middleton British professional Underwater Photo-Journalist & Author

Thank you very much for your new book, "Realm of the Pygmy Seahorse". I have just gone through it page by page and enjoyed very much your stunning photographs of marine life. Having also spent time at Kungkungan Bay, I recognized many of the animals depicted in your photographs. What makes your photos special is their perfection in focus and exposure, coupled with really great color reproduction. I marvel at how close you seem to have been to many of your subjects. Also many of your photographs show unique behavior or associations. I especially liked the antics of the mimic octopus, and the classic sequence of the lizardfish (Trachinocephalus) eating a helmut gurnard (Dactylopterus). I am sure you will have many orders for this magnificent volume.

Dr. John E. Randall
Marine Biologist and author of several leading publications on fish identification and behaviour.

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