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Books: Sharks

Front Cover of The Shark Almanac

  The Shark Almanac

Our Price: 29.95

Pages : 274 pages
Format : Hardback
Publication Date : Aug 1999
Availability : Normally despatched within 24 hours

Buy The Shark Almanac

The Shark Almanac is a comprehensive overview of the biology, history and diversity of sharks and their kin and is the perfect book for anyone interested in these fascinating creatures.
Sharks have a reputation for being the most feared creatures of the sea, but of the more than 390 shark species that are known, 80 percent would not hurt people, or would rarely encounter them. In the Shark Almanac, author Thomas Allen explains the facts, myths, and misconceptions about these exciting animals:

* Although sharks have no bones in their bodies, their sandpapery skin is composed of toothlike "denticles," complete with dentine and pulp canals containing nerves and blood vessels.

*Navy technicians were astounded to discover that mysterious damage to US submarines was being caused by small cookie-cutter sharks, which usually feed by applying suction to a larger animal, then gouging a piece of flesh in a twisting motion with their circular jaws.

* Lifejacket yellow is known to shark attack experts as "yum-yum yellow."

* Sharks have been known to swim great distances after having been attracted to the smell of blood in the water when bathers merely scratched an itch on their legs.

* When the USS Indianapolis was torpedoed during World War II after transporting the atomic bomb, 850 surviving crew members were preyed upon by sharks - only 318 men survived.

Rear Cover of The Shark Almanac
enlarge cover

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