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Front Cover of Truk: A Diver

  Truk: A Diver's Guide
R Smallpage

Our Price: £17.95

Pages : 160 pages
Format : Softback
Publication Date : Jan 1994
Availability : Normally despatched within 24 hours

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Rear Cover of Truk: A Diver
enlarge cover

A Very Professional Product

Through this book, the legendary shipwrecks of Truk Lagoon (now, of course, called Chuuk), is brought to the Diver in a well presented, no nonsense package containing all the relevant information one needs to know.

“Truk - The Ultimate Wreck Site,” measures a little over 9” x 6” has a soft cover. The book is divided into 3 main parts and begins with a well written account of the historical events which resulted in so many vessels being sunk on that fateful day in April 1944. This was the American attack on Truk Lagoon - code-name “Operation Hailstone,” which led to Japan being deprived forever of a fortified supply base so vital to her plans for the overall domination of the South Pacific as a stepping stone to Southeast Asia and beyond. After such a fascinating and educational start, the author then takes the reader on a wreck by wreck tour of the many ships and aircraft found within Truk Lagoon before finally concluding with the all important information which we, as travellers, need to know.

The first 15 pages come under the heading “Truk in the Second World War,” and the historic photographs alone go a long way to revealing how much research went into the production of this book. The next section is headed “The wreck sites Of Truk Lagoon” and kicks off with a map showing no fewer than 48 sites of interest. These include 39 shipwrecks, one submarine, 7 aircraft and a dumping ground. Of these, over 40 are then reproduced as individual sites with each wreck commencing with a line drawing of either the ship or aircraft, followed by all, the relevant technical and historic details before including a narrative about the actual dive itself.

The book concludes with an “Information for Travellers” section which contains vital notes on currency, electricity, time, airports, transport, communications, entertainment, food, health and contact details for accommodation and diving facilities before adding some very useful addresses.

In addition to the aforementioned line drawings, historic (black and white) photographs and maps, the book is also well supported by a good number of high quality colour images. No, there is not a colour photograph on every page - but the over-use of such pictures is often used by publishers of lesser standing to fool you into thinking all the information is there when it is not! In this instance we have a very professional product containing all the information we want to see and the result is a guide book which is exactly what it sets out to be.

Ned Middleton British professional Underwater Photo-Journalist & Author

Ned Middleton British professional Underwater Photo-Journalist & Author

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