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Books: Hyperbaric Medicine

Front Cover of Hyperbaric Nursing

  Hyperbaric Nursing

Our Price: 69.99

Pages : 400 pages
Format : Hardback
Publication Date : Aug 2002
Availability : Normally despatched within 24 hours

Buy Hyperbaric Nursing

This superb text details the practical and essential information about the specialty of hyperbaric nursing. It is a long-overdue reference designed for the hyperbaric community from the combined efforts of the Baromedical Nurses Association membership and many dedicated nursing professionals.

Destined to become a classic work, it is directed to hyperbaric nurses, physicians, technicians, clinicians, and anyone interested in this exciting medical specialty. It is another much-needed reference book in the field of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Rear Cover of Hyperbaric Nursing
enlarge cover

A reference book to be referred to time and again, includes key information on hyperbaric nursing and invaluable wound assessments.
Advance For Nurses Magazine, Dec. 2002

This book should be available for reading in every hyperbaric facility worldwide.
European Journal of Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine, Dec., 2002

This multi-authored reference is the most complete compendium available to date on the subject of hyperbaric nursing. Its 28 contributors have covered all of the subjects relevant to hyperbaric treatment for the practitioner. Topics in ten sections range from history, required documentation of treatment, patient care in the chamber, age-specific considerations to indications for hyperbaric treatment. Accepted indications are those approved by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. There are also sections on critical care, blood glucose measurement, hyperbaric nursing research, patient education and impact of regulatory agencies on practice. There is an excellent chapter on managing a hyperbaric facility safety program.
Specific techniques are also covered such as trans-cutaneous oximetry and laser Doppler flowmetry. The elements necessary for hyperbaric nursing education are fully described. The book ends with coverage of hyperbaric nursing programs in various parts of the world.
Every hyperbaric nursing supervisor should see to it this text is available for his or her unit. It is a comprehensive reference. 400 pages, indexed.
Eric P. Kindwall, M.D.

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