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Front Cover of The Mammoth Book of the Deep

  The Mammoth Book of the Deep

Our Price: 7.99

Pages : 512 pages
Format : Softback
Publication Date : Jun 2007
Availability : Normally despatched within 24 hours

Buy The Mammoth Book of the Deep

Dive in. Death is only a breath away & Just when you thought it was safe The Mammoth Book of The Deep presents 30 true-life stories of danger, endurance and adventure from this final frontier. Encounter great white sharks, the stricken Kursk submarine, gold salvagers, sponge divers, giant squid, the wreck of the Titanic, Navy frogmen, and bathyscopes in record-breaking descents. These riveting accounts range from the Red Sea to the South Pacific, from the North Atlantic to the Caribbean - and include contributions by names such as Jacques Cousteau, Hans Hasse, Peter Benchley and Tim 'Neutral Buoyancy' Ecott.

Goldfinder: Keith Jessop - salvaging the gold cargo from HMS Edinburgh Black Water: Don Camsell - an SBS training operation aboard a mini-sub goes tragically wrong off the coast of Scotland The Abyss: John Craig - attacked by giant octopus whilst exploring a trench off Baja California and saved by codivers hacking the octopus with axes A Time to Die: Robert Moore - the operation to rescue the trapped submariners of the Kursk Blue Hole: Martyn Farr - the death of caver Frank Mertz, 90m below, leading an expedition to chart Benjamin's Blue Hole, Caribbean Discovering the Titanic: Robert Ballard - the world's foremost wreck-hunter on the world's greatest wreck Descent: William Beebe - the record breaking descent in a bathysphere off Bermuda, 1934 World Without Sun: Jacques Cousteau - the famous experiment in living for a month on the sea bed Whirlpool: Rod Macdonald - the dive into the centre of Corryvwrecken, off Scotland, the third largest whirlpool in the world

Now this is my kind of book - 30 true-life short stories of adventure, danger and diving all rolled into one package. You don't have to read it in it's entirity, you can pick it up to read, put it down again and return another time when you feel like it...trouble is deciding where to delve next.
Martin Bruce Sport Diver Magazine.

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