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Front Cover of Salvage - A Personal Odyssey

  Salvage - A Personal Odyssey

Our Price: 19.95

Pages : 220 pages
Format : Softback
Publication Date : Nov 2007
Availability : Normally despatched within 24 hours

Buy Salvage - A Personal Odyssey

The story starts with an account at the age of 17 of the 'Dara' tragedy. It then covers the ten years Captain Ian Tew spent with the Selco Salvage in Singapore and ranges from the UK coast to the South China Sea, from the Persian Gulf to the Southern Ocean, performing salvage in storm force winds to tropical calm. He becomes Chief officer on the newly acquired salvage tug Salvaliant and learns his salvage towing from the Dutch Captain. He goes on to command the first of Selco's super tugs the Salvanguard salving the Globa Mariner off the Eritrean coast during that war. He finally takes over one of the world's super tugs, and salves an oil rig loaded barge off Fowey. Finally as a roving salvage master he is involved with the ultimate salvage of the Al Ahood the first commercial salvage to take place in a war zone. She was hit by Iraqi fired exocets, set on fire and abandoned and it was said to be unsalvable, but Captain Tew proved them wrong.Captain Tew packed more adventure into ten years than many in a lifetime. He worked when decisions had to be made and thinking on your feet was the key to success.

Rear Cover of Salvage - A Personal Odyssey
enlarge cover

The often heroic work and sterling seamanship and amazing professionalism of salvage vessel crews often goes unnoticed and unsung by the wider world. In this well crafted and well-produced book, Ian Tew gives a vivid insightful account of the skills and commitment that underpin this sector of shipping.
Andrew Linington, Nautilus UK

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