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Books: UK Marine Life

Front Cover of Marine Fish & Invertebrates

  Marine Fish & Invertebrates

D Bellamy (Introduction)

Our Price: 29.99

Pages : 608 pages
Format : Hardback
Publication Date : Jun 2004
Availability : Normally despatched within 24 hours

Buy Marine Fish & Invertebrates

The ultimate reference guide to the sea life of the United Kingdom. The main section of this book presents the different animal species in a logical order. More than one thousand magnificent colour photographs of animals taken in their natural environment support the informative text highlighting the characteristics of each animal.
Encompassing 608 pages 'MFINE' is by far the most comprehensive book on North European marine fauna yet published. Divers, fishermen and anyone who has ever wondered at the extent of marine life in our waters will find this book an invaluable reference work and source of enlightenment. Foreword by David Bellamy.

Rear Cover of Marine Fish & Invertebrates
enlarge cover

The main section of this hardback book presents the different animal species in a natural systematic order. It covers everything you are likely to encounter from corals, fauna and jellyfish to worms, crabs and all the fish you are ever likely to encounter. There are also more than 1,000 magnificent colour photographs of the animals taken in their natrual surroundings to support the informative text and highlight the characteristics of each animal.
This truly is the most comprehensive book of it's type ever published. The 608 pages will have you hooked on what really goes on beneath the waves. You may even spot a few creatures that you've never even heard of.
Irish Angler

This very useful book will not only speed our understanding and hence enjoyment of all we see when down beside or below the sea, but will allow us to interface with our ancestors over the last 600 million years of creative evolution. Our genesis, via the not so simple sponges through the sea squirts to the fishes and beyond are all there waiting for you to discover.
Based on sound science and wreathed with real life pictures this superb book not only allows you to name their names but to understand the roles each creature plays in the balance of marine life.
David Bellamy

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