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Books: Worldwide Marine Life

Front Cover of World Atlas of Marine Fauna

  World Atlas of Marine Fauna
R. H. Kuiter
H Debelius

Our Price: £89.95

Pages : 730 pages
Format : Hardback
Publication Date : Jul 2009
Availability : Normally despatched within 24 hours

Buy World Atlas of Marine Fauna

This book is a companion volume to the World Atlas of Marine Fishes. With thousands of relatively large and beautifully presented photographs it provides the greatest possible coverage of selected groups of the enormous variety of marine invertebrates in a single book. It is primarily aimed to assist people who have a keen interest in the small animals they encounter in the sea other than fishes, to find their scientific names or where to classify them. Presented here are the species one is likely to see when diving or snorkeling in the sea, as well as those that are traded in the aquarium industry, with photographs large enough to see detail for their identification. Most species occur on shallow reefs in tropical seas, with the greatest species
diversity in the Southeast Asian regions. This World Atlas includes many of the familiar decapod crustacea … lobsters, crabs, shrimps; some worms and the highly diverse mollusca … seaslugs and some other snails such as cowry shells shown with their animal, as well as octopus and squid; and
various other groups of mobile invertebrates such as worms, flatworms, seastars, urchins and many other echinoderms. With the rare exception, the animals were all photographed in the wild. The popular groups, symbiotically living crustaceans and cephalopods are covered extensively, whilst
the seaslugs are covered as the second part, as the very large group of the colourful nudibranchs were comprehensively treated in our book Nudibranchs of the World, and thus expanded here with the other opisthobranch families such as headshield slugs and seahares. To care for our seas we need to know and have to show others what lives in this wet world. Todays live-forms are those which have successfully evolved and were shaped and created along their evolutionary path of hundreds of millions of years, and will keep on changing as required by circumstances. Our learning about the marine creatures is a never ending story, especially about their behaviour. The World Atlas of Marine Fauna is an invaluable reference book
for a great variety of marine invertebrates that we can admire in the world’s seas. As such, it addresses the environmental enthusiasts, photographers, sportsdivers, snorkelers, surveyors, teachers, and biogeographers – scientists as well as amateurs or hobbyists – and people of all ages.

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