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Books: Historical

Front Cover of The First Treasure Divers

  The First Treasure Divers
J Bevan

Our Price: £12.99

Pages : 224 pages
Format : Softback
Publication Date : May 2010
Availability : Normally despatched within 24 hours

Buy The First Treasure Divers

The recorded history of the diving industry has been fundamentally corrupted over the past 150 years. The result is a complete misunderstanding of how it all began.

Who invented the diving helmet?

Refer to any encyclopedia or history book and the answer you will find will almost certainly be wrong.
The First Treasure Divers reveals the true and fascinating story. It blows away the myths and deliberate misinformation that have crept into the historical record. Thanks to the painstaking research the author has carried out over the past 25 years, the falsehoods are peeled away to unveil the true, definitive account.
An authentic, real-life story, that reads like an adventure-thriller. It follows the lives of two brothers as they struggle to turn their newly-invented diving helmet to advantage and how they wrestle with apathetic even hostile authorities for recognition of their invention.


Part One Breathing Fire and Water
1 Sweepers and Smugglers
2 Sunken Treasure
3 Breathing Fire
4 Breathing Water
5 Bombay or the Isle of Wight
6 Rubber Dresses
7 HMS Royal George Visit
Part Two Struggle and Strife
8 Blind Eyes, Deaf Ears
9 Treasure Island
10 HMS Royal George Revisited
11 The Mary Rose Mystery
12 The Royal Engineers attack HMS Royal George
Part Three Competition and Catastrophe
13 Open and close
14 The Pain
15 Up and Down
Part Four Horrors and Heroism
16 Back to Whitstable
17 Itís War
18 First Blood
19 Sebastopol
20 Home

Rear Cover of The First Treasure Divers
enlarge cover

About the author:-

John Bevan has worked in the Underwater industry since 1968. This includes deep diving research for the Royal Navy and technical management and consultancy for Comex and Comex John Brown. Since 1976 John has run his own very successful underwater engineering consultancy company, Submex Ltd. and also publishes 'The Professional Divers Handbook'.

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