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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have hundreds more diving books than other global booksellers?
Because we are specialists we source our books from all over the world. Many of these are not available to normal booksellers. Some of the books we publish or distribute exclusively and for many books we hold the entire stock available.

Why are our prices so competitive?

Because we are specialists we are able to sell large quantities of the same title and therefore offer highly competitive prices to our customers. In many cases we are able to offer better pricing than the largest general internet booksellers.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept the following debit and credit cards: Visa/Mastercard/Eurocard/Switch/Solo/Delta

When will my card be debited?
You card will be debited on the same day your order is despatched.

Is it safe to use me credit/debit card ?
Shopping at the AquaPress website is completely safe. All your order information is enciphered on our secure server before being transmitted to our offices, where it is deciphered on our secure system.

However, if you are not happy about giving us your credit/debit card details over the internet you can always call us during office hours 0870 830 8120 or fax us 0870 830 82 80 and we will process your order in the normal way.

I am buying a book as a present– can I return it if they already have it?
Yes, no problem. Return the book with the invoice within 30 days and we will refund the cost of the book to you. See our Returns policy for more details.

If I reserve a book that is due to be published - when will you charge my card?
Your card will be debited on the same day your book is despatched.

What happens if I order a book and it is no longer available or out of stock?
We will contact you if there is an abnormally long delay for the despatch of your books and advise you if the title is no longer available and recommend a similar title.

I live outside the UK and have set the currency converter to show prices in a different currency – will I be charged in my currency?
Yes – You will be charged in the normal currency of your bank account or credit card company. You will however, always be charged in Sterling by AquaPress and the amount actually charged on your account will be subject to the exchange rate by the banks at the time of processing. There may therefore be a small difference between the amount quoted by the currency converter on the website and what you actually pay. You may also find that your bank adds a small charge for making a foreign payment. You can always check with your bank if this is the case. Most banks do not charge extra for foreign Visa/Mastercard transactions.

I can’t find a book called …….………on the website- can you tell me if it is available?
Yes- we are able to search for a title. Please give as much information as possible and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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